Born in 1952, the knitting mill Maglificio Laura Patrizia srl, is a company that has always manufactured in Tuscany the nest woman’s knitwear.
Linked to a long tradition of craftsmanship and careful attention to the product, the company proudly interprets the excellence of Made in Italy.

Foscaro Tofani starts to produce and sell his knitwear in the di cult postwar years. His pioneering e efforts and creative sensitivity contribute to the growth and development of Italian fashion in the fifties.



Helped rst by his father, and then by his children, who bring a wealth of managerial skills, cra smanship and creativity. e company establishes a steady growth in the geographical context of Florence, which in those years was a melting pot of ideas and new proposals of style.


Today Maglificio Laura Patrizia is well-established, both in Italy and abroad, and exports its products to Europe and the world. Facing new distribution challenges that become more and more complex and heterogeneous, it ensures quality and a service that accentuates, professional reliability.

The most modern and latest technologies are used by a creative team that works tirelessly to build new proposals that create collections with attention to the smallest detail, and where quality and style are a key to success.



Maglificio Laura Patrizia produces several lines for both, the re own well established brands and as private label for large distribution groups and chain stores.

As well as that, for some years Magli cio Laura Patrizia has dedicated signi cant resources to the creative and production launch and consolidation of some corporate projects that features its own brands such as: B.YU, GLAM 360°, Laura T., CROCHÉ.


The design team work excessively on research, to be up to date with the changing trends and forefront to the market needs.

One of the strengths of the design and research team is the expert selection of raw materials, yarns and fabrics with a emphasis on made in Italy.



Today the sta of the company is made up of excellent professionals dedicated to all the different fields of expertise. From the style to the warehouse, from knitters to trade, all managed and helped with the best tools and the most advanced technologies.

In spite of all the changes of the last 60 years, the company has kept a family run atmosphere that cherishes relationships that allows the best results.


The goal of the company is consolidating its brands and developing international and commercial relations. Also, providing an important

contribution to ensure that talent and know-how creative Italian style, can regain the level of exclusivity and excellence that has been recognized for centuries.


Maglificio Laura Patrizia

Via E. Mannelli 50058 Signa (FI) Italy.

Phone: +39 055 873 5363
Fax: +39 055 876 359
E-mail: info@laurapatrizia.it

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